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Picking an appropriate junk removal service

All renters, homeowners and real estate professionals will need help with a junk removal project at some point. Cleanout is much more than just dusting surfaces, cleaning floors and sprucing up of a home. It involves plenty of heavy lifting, thorough clean up and hauling of junk. House cleanout at this level requires you to be highly selective and strategic. Consider the following tips before signing up to a house cleanout service.

1. The company should provide on-site estimates for their junk removal services for free
There is no reputable junk removal service that will offer you a quote over the phone. The company should be ready to work with you on-site to establish the scope of work and the amount of debris that needs to be removed. In addition to establishing the cost of each phase of the cleanout, the company’s estimate should state what the disposal fees are.

2. The junk removal must provide recurring junk removal in addition to one-off services.
For certain foreclosure cases and bigger properties, the large amount of debris that a cleanout generates means you may need several scheduled pickups. For certain properties, periodic, scheduled cleanups may become necessary for either public safety purposes or for aesthetic reasons.
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3. How fast is the junk removal company in completing the job?
Because the majority of sales are time-sensitive affairs, they only offer a limited time window in which to carry out house cleanout and removal of junk items. A cleanout company needs to be able to be on-site quickly and work fast to complete the job in the required time. Efficiency and flexibility are important aspects of a professional junk removal firm.
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4. Does the junk removal company donate or recycle items?
Simply collecting unused household items, trash and other debris and hauling them to a local landfill is most people’s idea of junk removal. However, a lot of the junk and debris resulting from your house cleanout can still be used and can be donated or sent to a recycling center. Find a junk removal company that pays close attention to recycling and goes out of its way to donate any items that may still be useful to someone else.

5. Is debris and junk disposal carried out properly?
Each local authority offers specific guidelines that outline the appropriate handling and safe disposal of different waste materials and substances. It is vital that the junk removal firm that you use be knowledgeable with regard to the specific rules that apply in your area. A professional junk removal firm will ensure that it uses the right methods and disposal sites, while trying as much as possible to recycle.

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