Untethered and Free: How an Off Grid Solar System is a Better Way to Go

The government, ideally, listens to the voters. The voters support solar energy and energy-efficient practices, and the government has followed suit with support for the practices. The result is both a mixed system of support and regulation that seeks to make the United States energy-conscious in a practical way.

Off Grid and On Grid

One of the ways in which the government is having an impact is in the regulation of off-grid solar panels. The basic difference between an off-grid solar panel and on-grid solar panel is in the name. An Off Grid solar system is not connected to any gridded power and energy source. So, the panels are not backed by a community electrical system. The off-grid panels are only supplying for the building, and there is no regulatory system affecting their use.

Why off Grid Networks are Better

This is a good thing and a bad thing depending on who is asked. For the most part, the government is not overly interested in enforcing undue regulations to off-grid networks. People interested in staying off the grid can benefit from a superior system, no reliance on a gridded electrical system, and little government oversight. This has its drawbacks that directly arise from the positives.

Though the system is unregulated and “free,” it will require personal responsibility from the owner. There is no electric turn on and off that can affect the system. Some people may prefer to have control of their own solar panel grid system, but it also means taking personal action if and when it does not work.

Unconnected and Free

The drawback is that these off-grid systems can be more expensive. It makes sense given their “free” status and their superior performance. Most off-grid systems are better than on-grid systems because they almost universally rely on renewable energy. Most on-grid solar panels are still connected to the electrical system. This is what makes them on the grid at all. So, users are still drawing power through the panels. An off-grid system is independently connected. Without relying on any electrical hook-up, it is better in nearly every way.