The Advantages of Door and Window Security Screens

Homes and businesses that require an additional level of security can benefit from high-end screens that prevent break-ins. These window security screens are made of stainless steel mesh that allows people to see outside and enjoy fresh air coming through windows and doors. Yet the tough wire stops would-be intruders from cutting the screen or breaking it with a hard object.

Screens vs. Window Film

The addition of window film is another way to prevent break-ins while allowing for visibility and natural light. However, the screen has obvious benefits for people who love to have open windows during nice weather. As for the security screen door, it is designed to look like any normal screen door so that it fits well in a residential setting. It also works just like a regular screen door.

The Breeze and Sounds

Some security experts encourage property owners in northern states to choose other types of security doors and not bother with the screens. After all, the winters are harsh and the milder weather doesn’t even last half the year. They haven’t probably given much thought to how enjoyable that breeze through the front and back screen doors can be, even more important to savor because most of the time the doors have to be closed. The extra screen space on the house allows the sounds of birds chirping and tree leaves rustling to come through as well.

Preventing Break-Ins

Experienced burglars who find this equipment on the exterior of the building typically leave without attempting to get in. They recognize this type of screen and assume that the building owner has other levels of security set up. In fact, they might even be on surveillance right now without having spotted the camera. It’s time to get out of here fast.

Since there are so many considerations when setting up security features from a supplier such as Campbell, the property owners will want to make sure all their questions are answered before they proceed. For example, they will want the doors to have all the desirable features of a regular screen door, such as a pneumatic closer and wind chains.